Happiness Curriculum Course For Students

Hello guys, after a long break I am back to my work and came back with the current affairs topic for the preparation of government exams of different levels. This current affair topic is helpful for many government exam preparations but also related to UPSC CIVIL SERVICES MAINS EXAM General Studies-II  PAPER (Subjects related to development and management of social sector/services related to health, education, human resources.)(Happiness Curriculum Course )

Happiness Curriculum Course

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As a pilot project from this academic session by the Uttar Pradesh government “Happiness Curriculum Course “is likely to be started.

It will be called ‘Realisation Curriculum‘ and will be started in the schools of Mathura from this academic session (2021-2022).

Objectives of Happiness Curriculum Course:-

The objective of starting this course in Uttar Pradesh(UP) is to support students in their journey to achieve lasting happiness or happiness through meaningful and reflective stories and activities.

What is the “Happiness Curriculum Course”?

The ‘Happiness Curriculum Course’ was first started by the Delhi Government in the year 2018.

The curriculum emphasizes the focus on the well-being and happiness of students in schools, as well as encouraging their development in cognition, language, literacy, numeracy and the arts.

How will this course be implemented?

This course is designed for students from nursery to eighth grade.

  1. Class 1 will include nursery and KG students, for these bi-weekly classes related to brain activities and exercises will be organized under the supervision of a teacher, each of these sessions will be of 45 minutes.

Classes will be organized during the weekly workdays for the children of classes 1-2, including brainstorming activities and practice, as well as reflective questions.

2. The second class will consist of students of classes 3-5, and the third class students up to classes 6-8, who, in addition to the above activities, will participate in self-expression reflecting changes in their behavior.

The learning outcomes of this course are divided into four categories :

1. Reasonably intelligent and conscious (increasing the level of self-realization, developing effective listening, staying in reality).

2 Developing critical thinking and epistemology (thinking beyond stereotypes and beliefs, developing the ability to reflect one’s own thoughts and behaviours).

3. Developing social-emotional skills (showing empathy, coping with anxiety and stress.)

4. Develop better communication skills and develop a confident and cheerful personality (develop a balanced outlook on daily life, reflect confidence, be responsible and reflect an awareness of hygiene and health).

Evaluation method:

For evaluation, no examination will be conducted nor any marks will be awarded. The assessment under this course will be qualitative, focusing on the “process rather than the outcome”, taking into account the unique and different journey of each student.

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