It has been proved by scientific research that fruits contain a fair amount of nutrients, which is necessary for our body.  Fresh and good water, smoothness, sugars, nishastas, ferments, natural salts, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potash, citrus, vitamins, etc., which are found in fruits, are the best of the artificial ingredients.  The fruit is such a diet cooked by sun rays, that it is easily digested and increased to a very small amount of starch.  Fruits cleanses the blood and digestive system.  For weak digesters, fruits are a panacea.  The fruit is alkaline, which destroys body acid and increases its immunity.  By eating the fruit, harmful bacteria of the intestinal and intestine die and beneficial bacteria are produced in their place.  Fruits are diet and medicine too. 

Necessary suggestions: –

1.  Bread and herbs – Fruits are not mixed with vegetables.  2.  Raw or spiced ripe fruits should not be eaten.  3.  It is beneficial to eat seasonally and local fruits in appropriate quantity.  4. As such , fruit can be taken in all diseases , but according to the particular disease, the fruit should be selected.   5. Initially the person – should not take any other food with fruits at the time of body rectification. 6. Do not take the fruit indefinitely and keep repeating in between.  7. Eat the same type of fruit in the morning or 2 hours after lunch.

According to Dr. Lakshmi narayan Chaudhary – “Iron in fruits like raisins, dry grapes and grapes etc. is found in nature.  The fruits are also good for obesity, joint arthritis and minor arthritis.  Somebody cured arthritis by feeding only custard Apple.  Watermelons and melons do a lot of work to break the stones of urinary bag and kidney . Those who want to remain thin and strong should eat fruits of the citrus family (lemon, orange etc.) for some time.  “

According to Dr. Josiah Oldfield-” Dry grape is also food and medicine.  It develops the body, strengthens the blood circulation and the nerves. 


Grape is nutritious diet and also curative medicine.  1.  According to Acharya Vagbhatt: “Grapes are the best of all fruits . Grape juice increases the efficiency of intestines and kidney. ” It has all the elements to confirm the body. By eating it alone a person can live for a long time .
2.  Sushruta – Samhita: – “The grape is very nutritious and prevents tuberculosis.”  3.Greek and Roman physicians have also praised it.  Pleinus has described grapes as beneficial in various troubles of intestines, liver and stomach, vomiting and bleeding from mouth, bitter taste of mouth.  Galenus calls it a mild laxative. 

4.  Three Chicago doctors, W. Fishbein, Joseph Calvin, and Mohna Heumann, have proved through experiments that if only 10 ounces of grape juice is consumed per day, it can cure anemia.  5.  Lady Dr. Braindit got rid of her own cancer with ‘grape-therapy’ and proved through experiences that ‘grape-therapy’ leads to rejuvenation of all the organs of the patient.  6.  In Europe, weak patients are made strong by grapes.  7. Grape relieves colitis, bronchitis, retardation.  Useful in chronic constipation, chronic dysentery, cardiovascular diseases, urinary tract diseases. 8. Grape juice also makes the liver and stomach strong.  9.  It is also very beneficial in gout, arthritis and inflammation of joints.   10.  It has proved to be a panacea in cancer and chronic diseases.  11.  It is beneficial to give a spoonful of grape-juice in the morning when the child has stomach cramps due to indigestion or constipation.  12.  Mothers who have less milk should eat grapes.  13.  It is also useful in diseases of the throat and mouth of the child.  14. It increases eye-light and appetite.  Produces new blood.  15. Its sugar does not harm the patient of diabetes.  16. Grape cures uterine diseases of women.  17.  Grape is antifungal, makes blood strong and increase its alkalinity.

(B) GUAVA 1.  Guava has been called nectar fruit in Ayurveda.  According to Ayurveda – “Guava is spermatorrhoea, cold, antipyretic, tridosaccharist, ejaculatory” etc.  ” 2. Dr. Garrod has described it as very useful for arthritis or rheumatism.” 3. Guava contains more nutritious substances than apples, only iron deficiency.  “Guava is cheaper than apple but far ahead of it in qualities. It is the apple of the poor. 4. Having high amounts of vitamins ‘B’ and ‘C’ is useful for nervous debility and scurvy. 5.  It increases appetite and strengthens the heart and brain. 6. Ripe guava is laxative. Eating it with peels will relieve constipation. 7. It has more vitamin ‘C’ than all fruits. It is second only to amla.  8. Chew it with seeds and eat it, constipation, heart –  Disease and anemia benefit. It is also called ‘heart-tonic’. 9. Eating guava at the end of a meal purifies the blood and remove boils and pimples. 10. Milk at the end of meal or at breakfast in the morning  Can be eaten with.

Special information: –

1. Guava should not be overcooked or raw.  Eating guava or drinking water on guava can cause cholera or stomach pain.  2. Eating guava during childbirth or menstrual days is prohibited.  3.  It is harmful by eating it in stomach wound. 


1. ‘Mango is nutritious and laxative.  ‘ Dr. Wilson of America has proved through his experiments “Mango contains a hundred times more nutritious ingredients than butter.   2. Proper use gives strength to the nervous system.  3. According to the experts: – “Suck the ripe sweet mango and eat it, the eye-Sight increases.”  4. Ripe mangoes contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc., saline and vitamins such as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘G’.  So many foods – elements are not present in any other fruit.    5. It is also very useful in nervous weakness, impairment of work power, physical weakness, tuberculosis etc.

  Special Notes: –

1.  Do not eat raw and over ripe mangoes. 2.  Soak them in water 1-2 hours before eating mangoes.  3.  Drinking milk shortly after eating mango becomes a complete diet.  4.  Eat mango as per your digestion.  5.  Mango bark, kernels, leaves, fruits are used in various diseases.  Many delicious things are made from mangoes.  Like – Amaras, Amavat, Amrapak, Amrakhir, Mango panna etc. 


1.  Thousands of years ago, the Indian sages gave the living qualities of amla and proved it to be the best chemical (removing old age).  Amla is found in religious and Ayurvedic texts like Shastras, Puranas (Skanda, Garud, Markandeya) etc.  The basis of Chyawanprash is Amla, after which the aged Chyawan sage regained puberty.  2.  Garudpuran: – “By bathing with amla water, a person lives without disease for 100 years.”  3. As much vitamin C is in amla, not in any other fruit.  It is also not destroyed by sun drying or fire.  4.  In Ayurveda, Amla has been considered as the basic medicine of many diseases like breathing, rashes, indigestion, haemorrhoids, autoimmune, vata-blood, blood-bile, vomiting, diarrheoa, hypersensitivity, anorexia, leucorrhoea, inflammation, acidity and decay.  It is an antidote, antidiabetic, antipyretic and anti-hemorrhagic.  It is curative and appetizing. 5.  Charak: – “Amla is age-enhancing. Amla and Harad are the most effective and chemical medicines in the world. These two drugs are the best”.  According to Vagbhatta, Sushruta etc.: – “Triphala (same mixture of Amla, Harada, Bahera) is Sarvaroghari.”
6.  Suck the fresh fruits of Amla or its juice for diabetes.  7. In Eye – diseases: – Soak overnight in Triphala (or only dried gooseberries) in water and wash eyes in the morning with the same water.  In the evening,  take the powder with ghee or honey.  8.  In Pyorrhea , chew the amla or rub it on the teeth.  9.  In the constipation, take Triphala powder or powder of dried amla with milk or water at night.  10.  Drink fresh whey by slicing Triphala or Amla powder in piles.  Toast freshly cooked amla chutney or raw amla and eat it regularly.  11.  Drink one ounce of fresh amla juice every two – four days in stomach worms. 

12.  In jaundice, eat the powder of Triphala or dried amla with jaggery for a few days.  13.  In heart disease, take juice of fresh Amla 3 times a day or take Triphala or Amla powder with milk. 14.  In the stomach and intestinal ulcers, drink the juice of fresh amla with honey for a few days.  15.  In the case of Dysmenorrhea, drink a tola juice of amla with honey or honey and drink it regularly in the morning.  16.  In all types of leucorrhoea, drink juice of Amla or powder with 20 grams of honey, add water for a few days.  17.  In hair diseases (loss, weakness, shortening), soak amla powder or dried amla in water overnight and crush it in the morning.  Mix one or two lemon juice in it and wash the hair with this mixture .  Soap is prohibited.

Special Notes: –

1.  Eating Amla in any form is beneficial.  But 100 percent benefit is in eating riped, raw amla.  Due to over-boiling, frying and roasting, its properties are destroyed a bit.  2.  Do not take amla water or raw amla to a person with more phlegm.


‘Banana is not only a food item, but also a medicine to cure many diseases.  “
 1. According to Ayurveda: “ripe banana is beneficial in burning (heat), heat (heat), blood, bile, T.B , gout, arthritis, diarrhea, leucorrhoea, dysentery, stones, glandular diseases, renal diseases and eye diseases.” Is also digestible for patients with gastric ulcers.  It is beneficial for anemia and heart disease.  2.  According to Prof. Panchanan Maheshwari: – “Banana is the gift of India in the world”.  3. According to the discovery and analysis of Prof. Dr. Waster of Columbia University- “Bananas contain adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper, so bananas are very helpful in blood formation and blood circulation.”  4. Dr. Montelvo of Brazil has described making fresh juice of raw banana or vegetable of banana tree as a panacea to cure tuberculosis.  5.  Eating ripe bananas in the urine (Bahumutra) is beneficial.  6.  Banana carbohydrate is more digestible than other fruits and helps body upto 16-19%.  7.  Eating milk and banana in bile disorders is beneficial.

 8.  Complete food: – If banana and milk are taken after giving some difference, then it is a complete meal. Due to the sufficient amount of nutrients in it, a person can survive for several months by eating only banana.  9.  In the condition of diarrhea, dysentery, sprue, swelling of small and large intestine, feeding banana 2 parts, curd 2 parts, benefits the patient.  10.  Increases alkalinity of blood.  It has the potential to increase the origin of hemoglobin. 

Some Important Information and Precautions:

1.  Raw and Rotten bananas are not edible.  Eat plenty of ripe and speckled peeled bananas.  2.  The raw banana is vicious.  It can be cooked on fire like greens and vegetables.  Then it is useful for nourishing and stomach.
3.  Mixing ripe banana with flour and making bread is delicious.  4.  Bananas are very high rich in vitamin A, B, E and few in Vit C. and D.    5. Banana is useful for those who have a lot of hunger, but not for perso[n with lack of appetite. 


The people of India have been taking full advantage of the priceless qualities of Jamun Jamun from ancient times.  1.  According to Ayurveda (Sushruta, Vagbhatta, Bhavaprakash, etc.): “Jamuns are astringent, sweet, cool, interesting, dry, stool resistant, gout and effective for Kapha – Pitta”  2. Giving the juice of mangoes and berries in equal measure calms the thirst of diabetes. 3. The juice of berries is beneficial in dryness, vomiting and burning disease.  It is beneficial in stomach diseases. 4. According to Maharishi Charaka: “Semen-Disorder and blood disorders are removed by staying on berries for a few days after purification.  “
5.  All fruits, leaves, kernels, roots etc. of berries work in the treatment of diseases.  6. Giving jamun kernel powder with rice washed water is beneficial in leucorrhoea. 

Special Information and Precautions: –

1.  Eating berries makes digestion work if you eat too much mango.  2.  Do not eat berries with milk, yogurt and food . 3.  Diabetes is cured by eating half a cup of berries daily during the jamun season.  4.  Berries should not be eaten in excess, as they are slowly digested 5.  Eating berries on an empty stomach can cause stomach ache. 


Lemon is unharmed, which is a great gift of India to the world.  Lemon is basically a product of India.  After Alexander’s invasion, it reached western countries from India, from there to America in the nineteenth century.  Its great qualities have been sung in ancient texts of India, especially Ayurveda – texts (Charak, Bhavaprakash, Rajnighantu, Shaligaram Nighantu etc.).  Although there are many species of lemon, but lime is the best.  1.  According to Bhavprakash: – ‘- lime is acid-rich, digestive, light, antipyretic, worm-group destroyer, “2.  Harry Clements: – “The use of lemon keeps it safe from scurvy and is very beneficial for arthritis.”  3. Lemon is used in diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and uric acid from the body.  4. Useful in Bloody piles, hemorrhage, bleeding from lungs, blood from the genitals and uterus and cough due to the presence of vitamin ‘P’ in lemon.  5. Taking Lemon – juice on an empty stomach with fresh or lukewarm water kills stomach worms, eliminates obesity, purifies blood, causes constipation, increases appetite and digestive power.  Use of lemon reduces the enlarged spleen, dissolves gallstones, strengthens the kidney and liver, removes headaches, gas and skin diseases.  6.  If mosquito, bedbug or bee bite, rub bing lemon-juice at that place, the burning sensation is relaxed.  7.  Mixing twice lukewarm water in lime juice, gargling the mouth, diseases of the throat, diphtheria, tonsils, etc. are cured. 8.  Mixing one-fourth teaspoon of lemon juice in one spoon cream and rubbing it on the mouth, removes acne, spikes, stains, etc.  9.  In loss of appetite, half an hour before a meal, drinking half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water causes hunger.  10.  Rubbing lemon on the head cures dandruff and baldness and lice die.  11.  Suck lemon when you have pyorrhea, rub lemon peel on teeth and gums, gargle with lemon juice. 12.  Lemon – juice increases the body’s immunity.  13.  For beauty: – Mix olive oil in the lemon juice and apply it on the mouth before sleeping.  Rub lemon on the face before bath to remove facial wrinkles and spots. 

Special information and precautions: –

1.  Use less lemon-juice in winter, but use it more during summer and rainy season.  2.  Do not let lemon seeds enter your stomach. 3.  Use yellow and soft lemon.  rotten, green, red or hard limes are harmful rather than beneficial.  4.  Do not take lemon-juice only because of phlegm nature.  They should be mixed with honey in lemon-juice.   5.  Lemon should not be taken with food.  (Absolutely not with rice, roti, ghee)   6. Do not give lemon to the patient of ulcer.  4.  Do not store the lemon juice in a plastic or metal vessel (brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel).  Lemon – Keep the juice only in a pot of glass, sugar, clay etc. 


Papaya is both fruit and medicine. 1.  Papaya contains a valuable element papain, which is a great aid in digestion of proteins.  It is gather from milk or white juice of raw papaya
.  Papain mixed with water is also used to remove stains.  The importance of fruits, the enlarged tonsils fare cured soon.  Papain is used to protect woolen, cotton clothing from shrinking.  Tooth – making paste and skinned 2.  Juice of raw papaya is useful in eczema, ringworm, itching, etc. skin diseases, piles and diphtheria.  It also removes moles, shoe ulcers, intestinal worms etc.  3.  In the diseases related to spleen and liver, raw papaya vegetable or juice is more beneficial than ripe.  Papaya is also beneficial in not having proper menstrual periods.  4.  Ripe papaya is a type of chemical that removes appetite, arthritis, chronic diarrhea, retardation, leprosy, blood pressure, indigestion, high blood pressure etc.  It corrects digestion.  Rickets, caries, eye diseases, scurvy, asthma, anemia etc. are not cured by taking it and old age also comes late.  If only ripe papaya is eaten after leaving dinner, then many diseases can be got rid of.  5.  Papaya is a very alkaline fruit, which is full of vitamins ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ in addition to essential food salts.  This way is very beneficial for children.  According to Dr. J. H. Kellogg – “It is far superior to Cod – liver – oil”.  6. Rub the pulp of ripe papaya on the face and take a bath after a while, it brightens the complexion.  Shadows, stains, wrinkles etc. are removed.

Special Information and Precautions:

1.  The fruits, seeds, roots, bark, leaves, stem pulp of papaya tree are all useful.  2.  Ripe papaya salad can also be made and eaten.  3.  Papaya should not be used during pregnancy, as it may cause miscarriage. 


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