” When a smoker ( who smokes himself ) exhales tobacco smoke out of his mouth, the smoke contains 500 more harmful substances ( acid, glycerol, glycol, alcohol, in addition to nicotine), polyanium , nickel, acetone, phenol, aromatic, hydrocarbons ketones, aldehydes, aliphatic etc. )”

Non-smokers also inhale directly and indirectly through inhalation and become passive or secondhand smoker. Tobacco smoke not only harms the smoker , but also contaminates the passive smoker(who does not smoke itself). It has been proved by scientific tests that even if passive smokers live in the smoke of cigarette smokers ,there is a possibility of damage to their lungs. When the rooms of the house are filled with smoke the heart of children there beat at a rapid pace ,a condition of high blood pressure arises, a[nd the patients of chronic bronchitis start living more ill. ” A Burning cigarette consumes as much oxygen as sufficient for the same amount as required for 4 people’s life .”

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), ” If a non- smoker spends an hour in a smoke-filled room, they will have the same amount of carbon monoxide and other harmful substance enter in the body of actual smoker. ” To prepare a cigarette , a tree has to be burnt. Therefore there is a loss of trees for cigarette trade. Due to lack of trees many problems like fuel shortage, air pollution, depletion of forests, loss of animals ,outbreak of floods etc. are visible

Smokers not only smoke and die by spoiling their health, but also force innocent children and women (and other non-smokers) to breathe in the contaminated air of smoke. Cigarette smoke suffocates in the railway compartments, on buses, in hotels , in univerity campuses, in playground, and in other public places. By ignoring the suffering of non smokers , the smoker continue to enjoy the puffs. Smokers have no right to harm the health of others. Although they have their own special right to smoke, they have no right to pollute the clean air of others.

Therefore, smoking in public places should be declared a crime. Seeing the terrible consequences of smoking ,Western countries are imposing various restrictions and taking drastic measures. But its consumption in India is increasing many times more than before. Its propogation is also increasing.

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